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When History meets Literature Magic happens and it is called “Folklore”

Here in our little port City we are blessed with a Folklorist – the Washington Irving of Gloucester, MA who for the past 9 years has dedicated his life to bringing our communities' rich oral history to the stage. This man is Henry Allen the visionary behind the Folklore Theatre.

►The Folklore Theatre has re-awakened the excitement for the words of Judith Sargent Murray one of the most influential women in the 1700’s who authored played, poems and essays on Woman’s Equality by bringing two of her three known plays to life on the Stage.

►They have taken the “lore of Dogtown” and the haunting lives of those past inhabitants and turned it into a modern day classic of every community’s struggles with the opioid addition that sweeps our nation.

►This amazing little theatre has given our children a place to learn and explore the issues of history and apply the lessons learned to their own lives and to write about them in self-exploration.

As costs soar and budgets dwindle, his “little gem” of a theatre now is in need of our help.

Folklore Theatre is launching a Membership Drive to help sustain itself and continue its work with the students of Cape Ann and the community at large.

Please be a partner with me, with us, and take out a membership today!

Historical preservation is not just in “walls and windows” it is also in the “stories of our lives”.

Thank you,
Jeanine M. Harris, M.Ed.

All donations will support noble charitable organizations. Thank you.

Proud to be Community-supported.


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